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  • New Book!…Vol. 2 octobre 28, 2020
    I set out this morning to get some learning done and then realized I was out of chapters. So I started looking around for the second copy of the book in a free form and couldn’t find it! Amazon has a Kindle version but I’m really looking for a PDF version. I don’t mind actually... […]
  • Ch 29 – Building a Wireless LAN octobre 22, 2020
    Well, it’s Wedensday night. I’m stressing about all sorts of things and trying to figure all sorts of things. I came to the conculsion that my company has over spend about 10k on monitor adapters and docks though. I mean, my credit cards have been taking a hit and im supposed to be paying them... […]
  • Ch 28 – Securing Wireless Networks octobre 20, 2020
    Well, Its a work day. I’m imaging computers and installing software, creating documentation, being “online”, trying to save the company buckets of money, being excited about my new fitness watch, planning for my run tonight and now blogging. I look like a football player when running. I have a long way to go to get... […]
  • Ch 27 – Analyzing Cisco Wireless Architectures octobre 19, 2020
    Slightly frustrated this morning for a few reasons. Mostly frustrated by other peoples narcissistic tendencies to express themselves not by actually achieving anything but by expressing their displeasure with other peoples ability to function while acting completely irrational. It is the same things that annoy me every time. They are also generally unable to feel... […]
  • Ch 26 – Fundamentals of Wireless Networks octobre 12, 2020
    Well, its Sunday. Thinking about doing blog posts and studying. Really excited about this one. Laughing at, this sounds absurd, but production companies that sell sound packs realizing im really good at making beats and sending email blasts when I buy a 30 dollar DI for a guitar to my PC to add, yet another... […]
  • Ch 25 – Implementing IPv6 Routing octobre 10, 2020
    Well, its Saturday. I’ve gotten some around the house things done. Like rehanging a fox skull that got tangled up, changing out some candles, did some laundry. Speaking of, I think I should probably put those clothes in the dryer. I got a great new pink and black Nike hat too. Like a toboggan thing.... […]
  • Ch 24 – Implementing IPv6 Addressing on Routers octobre 9, 2020
    Welp, Its Friday. Another adventure in existing. I’m waiting to hear back on some new opportunities. Again, not too excited to leave my current spot but not overly tied to it for reasons of loyalty or anything like that. I did order some at home drug tests to see how long it takes the amphetamines... […]
  • Ch 23 – IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting octobre 7, 2020
    So, I use these intro paragraphs to talk about things that are on my mind. Currently, I’m bothered by the issue of health care. I’ve been on Adderall most of my adult life and I would prefer to be on it. It acts as an antidepressant and helps me focus. I hate antidepressants because they... […]
  • Ch 22 – Fundamentals of IP Version 6 octobre 5, 2020
    Obviously, I didn’t 2 or 3 more posts done yesterday but I’m really going to put on my hunker down shoe today and get a lot done. I have PT today at 5:30 but that’s all I have going on so I should be able to make progress. I’m just realizing this is a lot... […]
  • Ch 21 – OSPF Network Types and Neighbors octobre 5, 2020
    Welp, its sunday. I had plans to do like 4 chapters today. May have overstated my level of ambitions. I posted a new track to my soundcloud. Thats exciting. (ill post it at the end, its just beats and it all sounds like the most southern of hip-hops filtered through norway lol). Anyway, here is... […]

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