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Have a pause, it is beunaise!
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  • Azure, Pt. 4 mai 25, 2020
    Maybe this wont turn into several blog posts but I quickly have learned that this is like starting from scratch on infrastructure because you may think you know how something works but this is cloud so we do it a little bit different. Which is fine but you know, definitional stuff and concepts. For example,... […]
  • How to Reduce the Costs of your Azure IaaS VMs – Thomas Maurer mai 20, 2020
    I hadn’t considered this but yeah those licenses are expensive. If you already have existing Windows Server and SQL Server on-premises licenses with Software Assurance, you can use them for Azure virtual machines (VMs). This will allow you to save the Pay-as-you-go cost for Windows Server and SQL Server licenses. The Azure Hybrid Benefit applies not only... […]
  • Azure 3.3, i’ll be on this for a while mai 10, 2020
    Welp, yesterday went fairly well. Ended up going for brunch and leaving the house for the first time in like 2 or 3 months to actually do something. Anyway, I think this is going to be a short post unless I go through some more questions. Wow, a slightly tricky question where they actually expound... […]
  • Azure! Part 3.2… Or Network Watcher, NSG’s and more! mai 9, 2020
    I’m unemployed at the moment and doing lots of interviews but with this COVID-19 stuff not a lot going on. Unemployment is also kind of tough as my employer has filed a claim but they are still sitting on it. My bills are paid up for this month but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to... […]
  • Azure Pt. 3.1, Container image hosting… mai 7, 2020
    Well, I paid a company to redo my resume. Not a lot of stuff out there at the moment by my current resume format seems a bit crowded and its probably good to have someone who deals with resumes day in and day out to take a look at it and figure out how to... […]
  • Unrelated to this blog mai 4, 2020
  • Azure…Part 2! ..where I quote my self mai 2, 2020
    Learning so much! I try to do blog posts that have 5 questions I’m struggling with the amount of research that goes into them being more voluminous than what I’m used to. The very first question required almost 1k words and I had to split the 5 question lot into 2 posts. Thus the confusion... […]
  • Azure Part uha… more questions mai 1, 2020
    Now that I kind of know how to do use this interface and have done, 1 question, its time to start into the next set and hopefully get 5-10 knocked out. Well, I was on the right track here but having no background in Azure its kind of a shot with being familiar with MSFT... […]
  • Starting on Azure 300 avril 27, 2020
    So, I decided to go the Azure route and I’m starting into these questions. So far its a 50% blog rate with a lower rate of correct answers. I’m find that the things I understand conceptually the terms that I’m assuming they are using are backwards. This is fine though, at least I understand what... […]
  • Next cert options! avril 27, 2020
    So my goal this year was to do this two Azure exams that have a combined total of less questions that than the Security+. So, I may go for all 3 of these this year. Make it a MSFT year haha The desktop admin I feel like I could have that done in like a... […]

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