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  • Back to Security+ posts! février 25, 2020
    Finally getting around to getting back to this. For some reason decided to write some trap songs and put them over youtube beats. Kind of a waste of time, but whatever. I’ve also been regularly smoking for bout 2 months now. again. Ill take 2-3 days off in a row but generally im still smoking... […]
  • More to learn, than I thought… février 17, 2020
    This is taking more time that I thought it would, as usual. Being my arrogant self I thought I had covered a lot of the material but there are a bunch of detail gaps to fill. I have the most trouble with authentication and encryption protocols and given that I won’t see any direct questions... […]
  • More Security and notes about historical passages of information février 9, 2020
    Really getting back into this and learning somethings. Which is nice! It’s good to learn. The great thing about independent study is that its hard to stop the flow of information on the internet. Some times learning things can be difficult because of acquiring information. You know people are always like “that’s the stuff they... […]
  • More authentication and encryption! février 7, 2020
    Alright, another day, another day of learning. Exciting times. Again, I fail to know enough about these technologies to provide an educated opinion. Open ID Connect – OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an authentication layer on top of OAuth 2.0, an authorization framework.[1] The standard is controlled by the OpenID Foundation. SAML – The single most... […]
  • Wireless authentication ??? février 6, 2020
    All right, spent a lot of time on some stuff last night and I’m still pretty sure that I still have a ways to go before really learning encryption, authentication and hashing. I haven’t made flash cards yet for this new fangled access control stuff (new to me haha). However, today’s a new day so... […]
  • Back to blogging février 5, 2020
    I took some time off from this and thought I would be fine to go through the questions I didn’t know and sort of work my way through them. I found that when I got to the part where I didn’t review all of my wrong answers, shockingly, I still didn’t know the right answer... […]
  • 15 Security questions I had to research janvier 16, 2020
    Its Wednesday, currently, it may not be by the time this is done. In fact I’m almost certain that it will be after midnight. I would be shocked If I got all this done in 55 mins. Any way, what did you guys think and about The Shadow and Tom Waits. Super cool stuff right.... […]
  • Tom Waits! The Shadow! Incorrect Answers! All this and more! janvier 15, 2020
    Alright, about half way through. The first time. As you know it takes me more than one go around and then I seem to pass real sketchy and right on the money like but thats ok. If you can read this put 2 dollars into into my paypal its thanks for your contributions. This... […]
  • More Security+, shocking! janvier 12, 2020
    Still going on Security, obviously, however getting back to the previous posts. I found some networking stuff that I thought was helpful. I went through several videos and this one, while long, is a really good baseline. I’m still slightly confused as to why they set up subnets when defining the IP but I’m sure... […]
  • Variations on a can be tough, Security+ janvier 11, 2020
    Keeping a good pace with the security stuff. I think I might have it done sooner than expected at this rate. Depending on how testing goes. I started studying this material at the start of last year and I guess made more headway than I realized. There are still somethings that escape me such as... […]

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