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  • 15 Security questions I had to research janvier 16, 2020
    Its Wednesday, currently, it may not be by the time this is done. In fact I’m almost certain that it will be after midnight. I would be shocked If I got all this done in 55 mins. Any way, what did you guys think and about The Shadow and Tom Waits. Super cool stuff right.... […]
  • Tom Waits! The Shadow! Incorrect Answers! All this and more! janvier 15, 2020
    Alright, about half way through. The first time. As you know it takes me more than one go around and then I seem to pass real sketchy and right on the money like but thats ok. If you can read this put 2 dollars into into my paypal its thanks for your contributions. This... […]
  • More Security+, shocking! janvier 12, 2020
    Still going on Security, obviously, however getting back to the previous posts. I found some networking stuff that I thought was helpful. I went through several videos and this one, while long, is a really good baseline. I’m still slightly confused as to why they set up subnets when defining the IP but I’m sure... […]
  • Variations on a can be tough, Security+ janvier 11, 2020
    Keeping a good pace with the security stuff. I think I might have it done sooner than expected at this rate. Depending on how testing goes. I started studying this material at the start of last year and I guess made more headway than I realized. There are still somethings that escape me such as... […]
  • Security+…its similar to the last one, pt. 5 janvier 6, 2020
    Back again with more…questions. Shocking. I know. Anyway, progress is going good. I’m finding that the portion of material I don’t know is about a quarter of it so honestly, that’s really good news as far as lead time to testing. How will the test go? Who knows. I seem to be hitting right on... […]
  • Security+ pt 4 janvier 2, 2020
    All right, first post of the year. Here’s to having goals, making them realistic and following up with them. You know, thinking about naming conventions, is this really the best idea? I mean its the first thing people see. Anyway, I had hoped to finish this cert last year. I started on it but clearly... […]
  • Security+ part 3… décembre 31, 2019
    Trying to get 15 questions into this post. Hopefully I can get that done. Will have to possibly take a few breaks in between doing that much work. Anyway, lets get into this. Trying to get this certification done quick lol. Oh I called CompTIA today and got alot of clarification on their recert process.... […]
  • Security+ part 2 décembre 30, 2019
    I guess I could do 10 sides in this one. Was trying to get 30 done tonight but not sure if I will get that far. I guess we will see haha. There is a ton of information to get through so this may take a while. 700 pretest questions, wow Honestly, encryption types are... […]
  • Security+ part 1 décembre 30, 2019
    I’ve passed my Network+ test, finally. On the first try though. I suppose that I could have worked a little faster but whatever, I got it done. Moving on to Security+. I went through the first 100 of about 700 test prep (wow…) questions last night and found that, so far, I’m not terribly off... […]
  • Review questions, Network+ octobre 15, 2019
    Well, this is the last of the first round of Network+ stuff for the VCE. I feel like I’m starting to learn what i’m doing and I’m enjoying learning networking. When I first approached networking I thought that I was absolutely never going to be able to get a Cisco cert and now I’m certain... […]

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