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  • Questions and answers, you see what you want sometimes mars 22, 2020
    Almost through the questions I missed the first go round, again. I think I’m in the 70-80 precent range but its possible its worse. Hoping not but I’m going to keep going through this lot of 250 till I’m in the mid 90’s before going through everything again and then hope I’m in the mid... […]
  • Is this for hashing… or encryption? mars 20, 2020
    Starting to get a handle on things but there is still lots of detail to get into and I would like to understand it all. At first I was kind of erring on the side of that being unimportant and that I should get this done as quick as possible. While not being wrong, I... […]
  • More Hashing, Encryption and Authentication! mars 16, 2020
    This is the next part of the 5 questions that one of which took about a week to do and I still feel like I should go back over the authentication portion of the AES modes but ill get to that. I mean, it was basically a post on one topic which I haven’t really... […]
  • AES Encryption Modes mars 15, 2020
    Well, I started back through the questions that I missed the first time around and I can tell you I have for sure learned a ton. I’m able to explain concepts that I wasn’t able to before and rationally provide answers rather that give a letter answer because I memorized that as being the answer.... […]
  • Multi-part questions mars 11, 2020
    Multi-part questions, tough but I will say that I saw some questions directly from these on the last test so its probably a good idea to at least understand them and probably have them memorized. So here we are. Then I have to start going through the questions that I missed the first round through... […]
  • Access control/email/cloud acronyms mars 10, 2020
    Still having some blogging to do. That last one was a a page turner haha. I mean, if your into learning this stuff. There are so many interesting sources of information on the internet that seen relevant and the issue with them is, how in the world am I supposed to consume all this. So,... […]
  • Super long Sec+ post mars 9, 2020
    Still having trouble with a few things after moving through the third round of going through questions. Wait, maybe that was the 4th. Yeah, the 4th. Also, this took about 3 days to write I think? Maybe longer. Wait, I might have started on Wed night. Anyway, as I was saying on twitter: So, I... […]
  • Questions missed from the first round mars 2, 2020
    Short post tonight. Finally got through the questions that I missed the first run through of the massive block of questions and found that I got half the ones I missed the first time correct. This is a typical scenario but the block of questions is unbelievably massive. I mean, its for sure do able... […]
  • The end of round 1, for Security+ février 27, 2020
    Welp, I’m finally almost caught up on bogging which means that its back to going through test prep questions. Man, this thing is a monster and I cannot stress that enough. I have been taking it slow though. Which has curved burn out and what I’m calling shoe shine head. Not great at memorizing without... […]
  • Back to Security+ posts! février 25, 2020
    Finally getting around to getting back to this. For some reason decided to write some trap songs and put them over youtube beats. Kind of a waste of time, but whatever. I’ve also been regularly smoking for bout 2 months now. again. Ill take 2-3 days off in a row but generally im still smoking... […]

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