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  • Review questions, Network+ octobre 15, 2019
    Well, this is the last of the first round of Network+ stuff for the VCE. I feel like I’m starting to learn what i’m doing and I’m enjoying learning networking. When I first approached networking I thought that I was absolutely never going to be able to get a Cisco cert and now I’m certain... […]
  • More test prep! octobre 14, 2019
    Some of this stuff seems really self explanatory if you know you what your doing. Unfortunately some of us, like me, don’t. So we have to put time and effort into learning how this stuff works so that in the off chance we are put in charge of a network we don’t make horrendous mistakes... […]
  • Chapter 1 book questions octobre 13, 2019
    Its kind of amazing that HTML editors with all their fancy tech don’t auto save your work. I suppose that’s how it goes. Humm, not sure I started this properly. I started writing this post a few days ago and left it up on my computer and every day since then I’ve thought ‘if that... […]
  • Network+ book review pt. 2 octobre 5, 2019
    It’s a great Friday afternoon and I’m sitting at my desk with a load of questions. It’s the same questions that I normally have to ask throughout my life but this time I’m mostly worried about passing this test and hoping to get that sys admin job. I’m not too worried about much else. Any... […]
  • Network+ “light house” book preview! octobre 1, 2019
    I decided to take a gander at a book. Possibly a good idea. Looking things up on the internet is helpful but if you have read a few of these ‘light house’ books your aware that they are helpful in providing general information but dont really prepare you for the test. That said, I’m slightly... […]
  • Easy stuff, slightly opinion oriented octobre 1, 2019
    Happy Monday! I hope every one had a wonderful weekend and is super excited about Monday! I know I am! I’m ready to listen to people and learn today. Maybe say a few things myself but unlikely as you can tell my platform for expressing my self isn’t exactly popular haha. Any way, lets get... […]
  • Moderately complicated stuff septembre 29, 2019
    Blogging, its a ton of fun. I mean, if I’m being honest, I rather enjoy it and I feel like I learn a lot. It can be taxing on me to simply go through and memorize answers plus I actually learn the material like this and anyone that looks at this blog realizes exactly how... […]
  • Lots to learn about Networking part 5 septembre 27, 2019
    I feel like this is going pretty good. I didn’t get to look at any questions last night but we did do this cross fit type of work out at the gym and like I was absolutely dead. I’m really enjoying this whole feeling sore thing and seeing results. Its great fun and is doing... […]
  • So much fiber! septembre 26, 2019
    Its been a little while since I posted something and its kind of a slow day at work, waiting on images to finalize and so forth.  I would say I’ve been personally busy but really I’ve kind of been taking a small break. Test prep is coming along though. I think I should be good to... […]
  • OSI, SSH, flavor text! septembre 15, 2019
    I’ve really got to come up with some better text for opening and closings on these things. I mean, not that any one reads it but jesus my writing skills are terrible. Perhaps start with a clever joke from a dad joke book? A video of a man skateboarding in a video game? Lets do... […]

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