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  • CCNA: PT. 19 mai 10, 2021
    Well its kind of a slow day at work but to be honest its been super hectic so im kind of relived because it was a little taxing to be honest. Not too much other stuff to cover So lets do this blog thing. Man, that is a lot of info and to be honest... […]
  • CCNA – : PT. 18 mai 10, 2021
    Well, I got some stuff done this weekend but maybe not as much as I had hoped to get done. The big thing this: I did make a beat. Which is totally helpful stuff. But I have 3 more posts to do (two after this one) and I was hoping to get them all done... […]
  • CCNA – Pt. 17 … mai 7, 2021
    I have done, a lot of blog posts on this and to be fair, there was a lot to learn. In addition, im no where near finished blogging haha. I went through all the questions got about a 50% then went through the questions I missed (where this lot of blog posts is from) and... […]
  • CCNA – Pt. 16 avril 22, 2021
    Dinner: eaten (pasta) Wine: drank Innnernwebs: Ron Bd on Time to start on number 2, for the night Anyway, lets do some questions. The Switch Stacking is a feature that allows us to configure multiple Cisco switches in a way that they appear as a single switch and act cooperatively. For example, if you have five individual Cisco switches, the Switch Stacking allows you... […]
  • CCNA – Pt. 15 avril 21, 2021
    Ok, I might get the last two blog posts for this week done tonight. Not feeling super tired and my day wasn’t stressful. Really need to get this thing out of the way and I would love to get all 217 questions done between Friday and Monday and then start on the next set of... […]
  • CCNA – Pt. 14 avril 21, 2021
    Good morning! Woke up a little early so going to try to knock this out before work. Excited about the day and waiting to see how the day goes. Hopefully, we will resolve issues. This one, we sort of covered in the last post but this is the first part of the equation in PPP... […]
  • More CCNA Questions… Pt. 13 avril 21, 2021
    So there’s no two ways around this. This test is hard. I’m currently in the 50% margin and really trying to get this done soonish. How soon? Umm well I paid for 3 more months of the VCE player so in that amount of time, ideally. There are lots of other things going on though... […]
  • CCNA – Pt. 12 février 16, 2021
    Well its Tuesday. I got a flat at work and I think its resolved. Not looking real good for job prospects after this. Nothing is really showing up on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder. Thankfully, my boss is great but offers no long term potential but is happy to announce when you have a flat tire. Awesome.... […]
  • CCNA – Pt. 11 février 15, 2021
    Happy Monday. I’m having a great time and trying to learn a little about electronics. It seems overwhelming but you know, money and time. Thankfully its not that expensive…so far I’m at about 100 dollars into it and have,,, a working guitar and a pedal that will not power on for what ever reason. I... […]
  • CCNA – PT. 10 février 12, 2021
    Its Friday and its kind of a slow day at work producers. So its time to get to work on some blog posts and so forth. Anyway, might have this done in the next month or two if I really honker down. I might not take that route though. 2 months is a realistic goal.... […]

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