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  • CCNA Book, Ch 15 Operating Cisco Routers septembre 23, 2020
    Welp, chapter 15. Exciting stuff. Cant wait to go through and read the entire book after this. At some point I need to figure out how to get a PDF copy of the second book. It’s honestly proving to be super helpful in serving as more of an introduction to CCNA stuff, as the book... […]
  • CCNA Book, Ch 14 – Analyzing Existing Subnets septembre 21, 2020
    While I am enjoying the math questions to some degree (i’m for sure going to re read the entire book once I’m done with these and may offer up additional postings of notes or chapter questions, not sure yet) it seems obvious that the real world applications of having to use networking math in your... […]
  • CCNA Book, Ch. 13 — Analyzing Subnet Masks! This is it for sure, use the title of the Chapter…nailed it septembre 20, 2020
    Its been an interesting few days. I made a bunch of candles, noticed that someone seems to be running a powershell script from my machine that’s locking me out of my AD account. There are multiple instances of failed logins per second. I’m talking like 10. Pointed it out to the admins, who seemed to... […]
  • Making contact septembre 18, 2020
    So I’m in the middle of a 7 to 10 migration project and I really enjoy working hard and being kind of independent until I have to ask a question or something like that. The current job is going pretty well but there are some “issues” with my AD account. I’m not going to go... […]
  • CCNA Book, Ch. 12 septembre 16, 2020
    Well, not smoking is going pretty good. Cutting down pretty quick. Did some cardio yesterday, didnt try to hard and was on a shitty treadmill and got 3 miles in at like 38-39 mins and could have done another 3 miles at the same pace. Thought about doing arms afterwords but for some reason the... […]
  • CCNA CH. 11 … I’ll stick with this title septembre 13, 2020
    Post number 2 for the day. Nice day. Ate some chicken nuggets and some frys, got my tires rotated. Sore from exercising but the recovery drink seems to be helping. I don’t go for expensive supplements because I’m really not sure they are made differently. I could be wrong here but I feel like its... […]
  • CCNA Ch. 10, What number post is this??? I’m not sure septembre 13, 2020
    Man, somewhere between trying to stay organized and clean, work being slightly crazy (without going into too much detail there are lots of people that are extremely resistant to change, the front line guys are not trying to argue with this to save face and im the guy that gets to say you need a... […]
  • Ahh the joys of documentation, Cisco book CH. 9 septembre 9, 2020
    So anyway, lots to learn here and lots of leg work but whatever. I’m having a good time and maybe in a soild year of ‘lunches’ ill have this “under my belt” Make belts great again! Anyway, lets do this Ok, image posting has returned in full effect. Lets look at some questions! No idea.... […]
  • CCNA Book 1, Ch 8,9…part uhaa, w/3..never mind it’s just 8. septembre 8, 2020
    So you may be unaware of this but there’s a rather large community of tech workers on twitter that all comunicate on a daily basis and if you remember Wolf Pack or NWO era professional wrestling, its pretty much the same. But basically every one thats like a product owner on something important thinks they... […]
  • Part 4, Cisco Book, ch 6,7 septembre 7, 2020
    So just some things, my coworker has a youtube channel and has made his first video about his 6k gaming PC build. I told him I would share it and I’ve watched at least half of it and I promise I will watch the rest later as I have no clue on building modern high... […]

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